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Prasonisi Beach Station Logo

Get ready for 2024! We are currently closed but be sure we are busy preparing for opnening the center on 1st  May 2024. See you on the water!

Experience PRASONISI - ONE OF THE MOST FASCINATING WINDSURFING SPOTS IN EUROPE - located on the island of Rhodes with wind statistics that are second to none in Europe. Prasonisi is made up of two sandy coves and  offers perfect sailing conditions, with flat water and waves in one location .


Top Location

Wind is what drives us and Prasonisi is blessed by the very reliable Meltemi which gets a local boost here due to the area’s special topography. This gives us stronger winds than anywhere else on the island. Read more

Great Team

An experienced, trained team is in charge of the organization and guarantees your safety on the spot! Our powerful motorboat is ready at all times to ensure your safe passage back ashore if any problems arise. Read more

Kit and rates 

Top equipment at a top location – benefit from high tech equipment by JP Australia and Neil Pryde. We offer about 180 boards in LXT/Pro Edition and 250 rigs with full carbon masts and all that at just one price. Read more